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  China's C-section steel industry draws lessons from many foreign technological experiences in terms of technology and equipment, but it has no brand, scientific and technological innovation and complete product system. Many new technological achievements are still in the incubation stage, lacking experience and need to be improved. The importance of the iron and steel industry as a strategic emerging industry has not been widely recognized by the relevant government management departments and social information between the downstream users of the iron and steel industry is seriously lacking, which to a large extent limits the healthy and smooth development of the iron and steel industry located in the brain. Compared with foreign countries, China's cold-formed steel production technology still lags far behind. It is unexpectedly the advanced production technology level of cold-formed steel made in China, which promotes the drafting of relevant professional standards and inspection norms. The cold-formed steel manufacturer and truck manufacturer insist on close contact and may have a lot of communication. Through this way, it is more conducive to the correct calculation of the production of cold-formed steel, and it is the production of cold-formed steel. Professional manufacturer of steel products.
  Roller C of steel products equipment has good compression performance, good bending flatness, fully automatic fixed-length cutting, automatic punching, high automation and easy installation. It can be made thin by using large and medium-sized industrial and civil construction machinery structure and C-shaped steel mechanism with products as the main body, and greatly simplifies production process and improves production efficiency. C-section steel equipment can be specially designed and manufactured according to user's requirements. At the same time, it can guide users to press bricks, produce, install, debug and maintain one-stop service of color steel equipment. The mud blank extruded by the extruder is cut into a certain length by the cutter, then fed into the brick press by the drum conveyor, and then fed into the lower die by the charging machine according to the prescribed procedure. The ceramic tile blank pressed by the C-shaped steel machine is sucked away by the vacuum sucker of the brick unloader after the shift of the workbench and transferred to the ceramic tile on the conveyor line.
  Steel building has a series of advantages, such as light weight, high strength, good mechanical performance, superior seismic performance, high industrialization, rapid construction, beautiful appearance, fast investment recovery, and can be used, and in line with the sustainable development policy. In recent years, C steel structure has shown a rapid growth momentum in China and its application scope has been expanding. At present, the development of C steel building in China is in one of the best periods since the founding of the People's Republic of China. 。 However, compared with some developed countries abroad, China still has obvious gaps in many aspects. For example, in the United States, Japan, Germany and other countries, C-shaped steel is widely used in engineering construction. C-shaped steel buildings account for more than 40% of the whole building, but at present, the proportion of C-shaped steel buildings in China is less than 5%. It can be seen that in the future, China's C-section steel construction market has a huge space for development.
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